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About Us

Hello! Shannon here!

Thank you for taking advantage of our great deals. Since you clicked on this tab you are probably interested in why we created this company, Ironically enough, My partner Samantha & I don't have any children. After speaking about our childhood we realized one huge thing we had in common was as young adults we did play a huge role in raising some of our siblings whether we wanted to or not. While I was growing up my parents used to take care of less fortunate children in foster and take care of them until there living situation got better. Samantha's scenario was a little different she had to be a second parent to her cousins because her aunts were always at work.

While we were discussing the different things we struggled with growing up a part we got stuck on was finding the right quality clothes. We shared our process to find good quality clothing at a cheap cost and we both had the same method, Just keep shopping around until you get lucky or stumble upon a sale.

Then after extensive in-depth research, we discovered why not only us but many other parents and guardians have this issue. Big companies plan it that way, big companies like to play off the heavy emotion of parents for there children and know parents will be willing to spend more on there kids then themselves so they raise their prices over TRIPLE the value.

After we figured out this information we started thinking about how can we do our part and put an end to this pattern. The result is INFANT ROUTE! Once we figured out how to make people who are in our position life easier we launched this site immediately and got nothing but positive feedback!

I hope you take full advantage of our page just like everyone else does and just to throw this out there our most popular page is the Sale products!